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Moving Forward into 2021...

The Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce is open for business and moving forward into 2021. The Board recently participated in a series of strategic planning sessions and excited to start working on our plans.

We realize that our members' needs should be paramount within our organization. This is the ONLY way we can be effective and support our business community. We will be going to members for their input on issues and concerns through surveys and interviews.

Towards that end, we will be revamping our website and newsletter format. We want to highlight new members, post some good news stories and spotlight common issues and themes.

Building our membership in sectors such as: restaurants, agriculture, mechanical, personal care will bring a new dynamic to our membership. October was Small Business Month and it was an opportunity for Creston Area businesses to support each other.

As this is a challenging time for many businesses, we are offering our memberships in three installments, please contact us for more information.

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