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Hundreds of participants will wheel into the Creston Valley and Kootenay Lake area this September 26, 2020, bringing friends family and a rolling good time to the region. 

2020 Creston-Kootenay Lake Gran Fondo

September 26, 2020 - Super Bird Registration Until Mar 31st!! 

They call it the Big Ride - 152 kilometers of challenging but ultimately uplifting cycling that pits rider against the terrain and the elements. 

"It's not a race," says Creston Bike Club director Mev Hutchinson. "It's a chance for riders to test their individual mettle and enjoy some amazing scenery at the same time."

A Gran Fondo actually comprises three rides: the Gran Fondo itself is about 150 kilometer and, as would be expected, draws the more hard- core rider, replete with several thousand dollar bikes and a serious penchant for beating their own records; the Medio Fondo at about 100 kilometers is still for road warriors but obviously a little kinder on the body's moving parts; the Piccolo Fondo is perennially popular with kids, parents and just everyone else who enjoys touring through stunning scenery and then kicking back when its all said and done. 

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