Business Development/Human Resources/Answering Services

All Businesses Listed Here Are Members of the Chamber of Commerce

Community Futures - 250-352-1933 - Amanda Murray - Cell: 403-678-7044

Self-Employment Business Advisor 

Creston Office - 121 NW Blvd, Creston, BC, V0B 1G0, 

Key City Answering Services - 1-800-665-4243

The Kootenays Communication Centre!! 

Contact: Pam 

Human Resources 

Myrna Nielsen - 250-428-0737

1062 Simmons Rd. Creston BC, V0B 1G7

Extensive training and education in human resources. 

Works with individuals as well as organizations/businesses. 

Find Us At: 121 NW Blvd, Creston, BC

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