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Due to COVID-19, our board room booking will be closed until further notice

Board Room Bookings

For Members of the Chamber of Commerce one of the benefits is 4 free bookings per year of our board room or other usable space.

For those who are are not Members of our Chamber the fee to book our board room is $25.00 an hour or $50.00 per half day(4 hours). Non Members of our Chamber who use this app to book the board room will be invoiced at a later time. 

For any group or party using the Chamber building after 5 PM please note that due 
to the amount of art and other valuables located in the Chamber building all doors must remain locked after your meeting participants arrive, unless you are actively supervising the entire upstairs area. 

Please also note that after you are finished using the Chamber building you must set the alarm code. 

It is the responsibility of the booking party to obtain key and alarm code at least 24 hours prior to using the board room.